Monday, 4 January 2010

Queen Of Herts!

With the New Year there’s a new venture taking shape. I wouldn’t like it to overshadow MrsGKnits, which has been a success in its first few months of existence. Success, which I will be shortly confirming on this blog with the satisfied customers’ comments and hopefully some pictures of lovely people who appreciate finer things in life and live to enjoy the unique, luxurious knits from MrsGKnits. But another time about that…


This post is dedicated to MrsG’s little sister. Ladies and gentlemen I give you QueenOfHerts!

QueenOfHerts was born from my exploration and pushing knitting and crochet to see what else can be done with a few unorthodox materials. First it was beaded crochet bracelets, then crochet and knitting with wire and then the imagination was truly let loose. Like most of my knitting designs, which you can see in MrsGKnits (my luxury knitwear emporium), the final results are not obvious until the late stages of completion of the piece. I enjoy the whole creation process, from gathering a few eye catching bits through the discovery what shape they will take. At times this might be a very long time until the Eureka moment when the idea how to finish the design comes suddenly and the piece takes its final shape. And from there I found I actually enjoyed teaching myself how to make other jewellery pieces and that’s where QueenOfHerts became a mixed bag of crochet and knitted wire, beads, knitted and crochet necklaces and corsages and a few other bits put together.

The new shop will be opening on Folksy soon and I will be back here to announce the launch officially. Watch this space folks!



SpoiltPig Jewellery said...

ooh exciting! I like your knits so it'll be cool to see them take jewellery form! Also been wanting to learn to crotchet so that I can make a huge wire colour for a costume I'm working on...I'll get round to it one day!

Glassprimitif said...

Looking forward to the new shop!