Monday, 11 January 2010

QueenOfHerts has arrived!

 Today for the first time QueenOfHerts opened for business. The shelves in the shop will be filling up steadily. Still lots of designs to list, lots of photographs to take and of course a bit of promoting to do.

white&blue pearl earrings1crochet blue pearl bracelet2

In one day the shop has created a fair bit of interest and with time and with more designs I hope to delight you all and satisfy your need for unusual, edgy, one of a kind, stand out from the crowd jewellery.

turquoise wire necklace 1

I hope i have whet your appetite with my selection of photos and you will visit the new shop.

crochet red pearl bracelet2 red pearl ring3

I appreciate all feedback and tips how to improve QueenOfHerts and make it a shop you will truly love.

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