Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Rite of Passage for Loop

After months of preparations and eager anticipation Loop, every knitters Mecca, finally moved to the new premises. I loved old little Loop, which brightened up Cross Street for the whole 5 years, packed with gorgeous colourful yarns, ribbons, buttons and all sorts of notions us knitters covet and absolutely need every day of our lives.

the new loop

The new Loop has arrived in 15 Camden Passage, amongst well established antique shops, jewellers, boutiques and eateries, it arrived with a huge colourful bang! Susan the shop’s owner opened the doors to the new Loop last Saturday morning to the cheers and clapping of hundreds of expectant, excited knitters and crochetters, hungry to explore the new shop and examine the yarns.

I really am not exaggerating about the hundreds of the faithfuls who turned up for the launch. Most delicious cakes were waiting for us inside and we all got a lovely goodie-bag as a thank you, which i thought was an endearing, personal touch, which makes us all feel an important and appreciated part of Loop’s success.

crowds are in

The shop was packed full within minutes of opening and Susan stood behind her new counter serving the huge queue of customers ready to stock up on all those new, gorgeous yarns.

and we're offSL371363

Loop is much bigger now it’s grown up. The ground floor and the first floor are filled with yummy yarns, beautiful haberdashery and all sorts of unique knickknacks. Upstairs looks and feels like the sitting room all of us always wanted – armchairs, a big comfy sofa, a wall of yarn and a bookcase filled with books every knitter wants to treasure.

chilling upstairs SL371370

The second floor will be used as a stock room and in the basement, which remains a secret yet to be discovered when it’s finished, will be a special space for the huge variety of classes Loop has to offer.


I love the new Loop – it’s exactly what dreams… my dreams are made of. But when I left I couldn’t help myself and walked to Cross street to see the old Loop for the last time.

I hope the new Loop will provide as many colourful memories and as many hours of enjoyment that the old Loop did for me. In fact, I’m sure it is the same Loop altogether, that size really isn’t everything and that the unique soul and spirit of Loop have found a bright and beautiful new home.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Isn’t this Cosi?

Do you know this lovely bijoux boutique in North London’s trendy Muswell Hill? If you don’t please read on. If you do, you will undoubtedly agree that it is a little gem full of delightful home furnishings and other accessories handpicked by the shop’s owner Sarah, who herself, having impeccable taste, chooses only the best and most interesting pieces that independent designers have to offer.


I can proudly announce that amongst all the beautiful crockery, sumptuous blankets and cushions, leather bags, summer baskets, delicious candles and jewellery Sarah found a place for MrsGKnits beaded crochet bracelets. The colour palettes for the shop were personally chosen by Sarah and bracelets hand-made to order and those colours are exclusive to Cosi Homewares, so if you’d like to see them you must visit her shop. 

If you would like a preview of all the treats Cosi has in store click here. However, the website has only a fraction of the goodies that fill the shelves of this lovely little shop.

I urge you to pay Cosi a visit and have a walk around Muswell Hill while you’re there. With plenty of cafes and restaurants offering just about any cuisine you can think of, an old church transformed into a pub and stunning views over North London you can bag yourself some stylish stuff and spend a lovely day out. Well!? Off you go now!!