Monday, 20 July 2009

Crochet! Wonderful Crochet!

Over the past 3 Sundays I was lucky to be part of a fabulous beginners crochet class at Loop.

I did other classes at Loop, improvers knitting, experimental knitting and hand felting, which were all great, mainly because I wasn't a complete novice, and I knew what I was doing. This time it was a beginners course and that made me feel a bit apprehensive - will I be able to "get it"? will I be able to keep up? Well, I shouldn't have feared at all.

First thing to say is that our little group got on very well and I think the biggest praise goes to the wonderful teacher Bee Clinch, who has a great personality and the style of teaching everyone who gets a chance should experience. Oozing crochet enthusiasm, putting us all at ease and making it all look like a piece of cake. Speaking of cakes... we had delicious, most unusual red velvet cupcakes, made for us by Bee's former crochet student.

We started from scratch, all very serious, very focused and very stiff. A cup of EarlGrey and a couple of buscuits later we relaxed and I stopped getting a cramp in my right hand. Although an absolute beginner myself I was really chuffed to be able to produce a few things at the end of the course. We did lovely corsages at our last class and as soon as they are good enough for public viewing I will put a couple up for everyone to see.

Of course I wouldn't be myself if I didn't think I could run before I could walk, so I decided, after the FIRST class, to indulge my love of mohair and combine it with my newly discovered love of a "double treble". I should have known better! I do know better! Mohair is a "one way ticket". Once you've started there's no way you'll be able to frog it, so I just carried on. By the end of second class and a bit of rough practice I knew how to keep my work straight and I managed to rescue my not so straight scarf. A bit of sweet edging all round and voila... one very original scarf....

I felt a bit sad that the classes were coming to an end, but I have to say that thanks to Bee I am hooked on the "hook" and I will carry on in hope that my next crochet creation won't have to be born out of a bit of a "cock-up".

It wasn't a sad good-bye.

You can see us here (Bee first on the left) at the end of our last class all smiles and confidence that now the basics have been tamed things will just keep getting better and better and better...
I'm hoping to stay in touch with the girls, so if you're one of our bunch and you're reading this let me know what you think. Maybe we'll meet again at the improvers class in October.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It's November in Herts.

All the waiting and anticipation for summer... and is this the summer that never was? Blink and you miss it? If there is global warming happening Britain must be extremely well armed against it.

In search of something to cheer myself up I am baking cupcakes at this time of night. Just didn't expect my SAD to return in the middle of July... off to browse exotic holidays...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Knitting is number one, but...

... even though obsessed with knitting Mrs G has ventured out to the unknown. I am on a crochet course and let me tell you my knitting obsession has a serious rival in crochet! So far it's been fun, thanks to the wonderful Bee Clinch who is our tutor and the cosy atmosphere of my favourite shop on this planet - Loop. I am loving my newly discovered skill, and already planning some projects to utilise some of my well bought stash. Oh joy! Simply can't wait for next Sunday!

Catching up with the cool gang...

Although in love with all things hand-made and beautiful I have decided to tame the beast of technology and write a blog. "Everybody's doing it, you know", "you really should take the plunge" - my friends said. Makes it sound like bungee jumping or taking a holiday in Papua New Guinea.
So even though I can't swim, I am plunging. Please be gentle I am still learning how to cooperate with the computer to achieve mutual satisfaction.
Hope you will enjoy my ramblings and an occasional showcase of my humble talents. (Big show-off deep down, but at least i am brave enough to admit it!) So for all your joy here comes my newly finished project to add colour to the drab day as it was today.