Tuesday, 29 December 2009

MrsG’s Christmas

Weeks of preparations, anticipation… and Christmas is over. I thought you might like a glimpse into MrsG’s. I’m especially proud of the tree – personally dragged by me from the shop and adorned in a traditional red&gold theme.


The tree is getting a bit smaller every year – the sign of inflation – I only get the size I can buy for the same £20 every Christmas. Judging by the amount of presents though the credit crunch is still at bay.

All in all, Christmas was a jolly affair here - lots of resting, bad telly, forgot to stuff the turkey, ate copious amounts of chocolate, had lovely, undemanding guests on Boxing Day, fabulous pressies… and I haven’t picked up the needles in whole four days.

Christmas has come and gone too soon… but I’ve started some fabulous red mittens!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Feels like home…

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t guessed i come from Poland and the recent weather, all that gorgeous fluffy snow, the flakes the size of your fist coming down from the sky feel like home. In Warsaw, my home town, the weather is like this right now. Temperature is staying at –13C (yes that’s minus 13 Celsius) and the whole city is covered in snow.


Things look so much happier and brighter with a good layer of snow, that covers the dark, dirty ground and reflects the light. And here in Hertfordshire (my second chosen home) everything looks stunning right now. Yes it is a bit nippy, but it is winter after all. And with me a knitting and crochet queen the whole family are in good supply of warm woolies, so we’re braving the cold in style.

Busy day tomorrow – each year i am on the tree duty. I go and choose one lovely tree, drag it home, set it up, decorate it, wrap all the gifts up and put them under the tree and then sit and admire the fruits of my labour. If i succeed tomorrow I might share with you the pictures of the tree at MrsG’s.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Another Christmas Fair!


This is all so exciting! I’ve been asked to do another Christmas Fair.

This time MrsG will be accessorising the beautiful, trendy people in East London upstairs at the Britannia Pub in Victoria Park Road, E9.

There will be a village fair going on as well at the Victoria Park, so it’s worth popping over to have a look.

The entry is free and the craft stalls in the pub will be open from 12-6pm, plenty of time to browse and bag yourself and your nearest and dearest some lovely, hand-made, unique goodies. 12th_Dec

You really don’t want to miss this one!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Bentley Priory part 2

My first craft fair was an interesting experience. First thing to say is that the setting was even more gorgeous than in previous pictures. And this is my little corner… and yes there is method in this madness!


The fair was busy, sadly the crowd were the golden oldies – all with free bus pass, some with a zimmer frame. I suspect they all came to visit the building, which was open to the public for the first time in a century, rather than grab a gorgeous handmade, uniquely designed item. Sales didn’t hit the heights we all hoped for, but the venue gave a lot of exposure, and i already had enquiries about commissions and knitting workshops so onwards and upwards.

I managed to meet up with a couple of lovely ladies from Folksy.

This is Tracy from DKCrystalDesigns

and this is Hilary (on the left) from Haptree


And these are Sorcery&Sparkle (well their knickers to be precise)

Also a couple of lovely friends popped by to say hello, which was great and…wait for it… old MrG came for “support” – got me a cup of tea, stayed an hour then got bored and went home. Shame on everyone who missed it!

There’s a new venture next week but about that tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Buy! Buy! Buy!

... is what I do rather well and a few days ago I had a good old shopping spree on Folksy. For the uninitiated Folksy is a website dedicated to selling wares from makers of all things crafty. Everything is unique, handmade and gorgeous. The sellers are lovely, helpful and talented bunch and everything is priced very reasonably. I'm proud to be one of the Folksters with my own little shop there. Yes you guessed it - MrsGKnits! But back to my purchase showcase...

These are the lovely items I picked this time and the links to the shops in case you're experiencing a serious envy right now...

Christmas Lavender Heart from pretty goods

Angel Bookmark from Talking Beads

African Jade earrings from Trinket Box

Autumn ring from My Beady Eye

Confetti Corsage from midsummerstitches

Of course the general idea was to acquire some lovely handmade gifts for my friends, but I'm really tempted to keep the lot for myself - greed not so in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

All that's left to say is that if you're still stuck for a few gifts and need nice ideas visit the shops above, have a good browse on
Folksy.You'll get faboulous goodies, great customer service and you won't be disapointed.