Monday, 31 August 2009

This Need for Beads...

... has taken over the last week of my life. I'm off to Covent Garden in a moment to source some lovely materials for all the ideas buzzing in my head. Before I go though I'd like you to take a look at what I have been up to last week.

This is my first ever beaded crochet bracelet you've seen in previous post and another one that is already adorning my friend's wrist - belated birthday present that's put a smile on her face.

Mrs G in action

...and the bracelet is ready!!!

This will be one of my favourites. Love the vibrant colour combination for summer!

This pink, lilac and pearl white is for my mum. It's very muted and classy, and bigger beads in the middle add extra style.
And finally here's something I'm experimenting with at the moment. I'm trying to work out how to use the beaded tubing to create ear-rings and rings. Ear-rings are already a clear idea in my head, but the ring needs further work. At the moment it's far too bulky to wear on the finger so I will have to use just a section of tubing for the top ant attach to some sort of ring base. I have a few ideas, but too early to share.
Have a wonderful bank holiday. If you're not going out why not crochet a beaded bracelet. Here's Bees workshop to get you started. I'm off for my fab supplies. Covent Garden here I come!


claire montgomerie said...

my goodness agnes, you have been busy! putting your week off to good use I see! x

angeltreats said...

Wow, where are you finding the time to make all these hundreds of bracelets?? They are lovely, my favourite is the one for your mum I think :)

Are you going to Make London next weekend?

Mrs G said...

Indeed I have been busy, but I've got a week off work and didn't go away, so dedicating my time to all things I love most.

Yes of course I'm going to Make London, gotta cheer on Bee and Claire and browse the lovely goodies. Would love to meet up if you're coming too. what do you say?

angeltreats said...

I'd love to meet up! Either day is good for me as I'm only down the road. Drop me an email and we'll arrange something -

Jean said...

An idea about the rings, can you do a tiny band with the crochet and then increase for the top section? I don't know, as you know I am a duffer at any kind of crochet??