Tuesday, 29 December 2009

MrsG’s Christmas

Weeks of preparations, anticipation… and Christmas is over. I thought you might like a glimpse into MrsG’s. I’m especially proud of the tree – personally dragged by me from the shop and adorned in a traditional red&gold theme.


The tree is getting a bit smaller every year – the sign of inflation – I only get the size I can buy for the same £20 every Christmas. Judging by the amount of presents though the credit crunch is still at bay.

All in all, Christmas was a jolly affair here - lots of resting, bad telly, forgot to stuff the turkey, ate copious amounts of chocolate, had lovely, undemanding guests on Boxing Day, fabulous pressies… and I haven’t picked up the needles in whole four days.

Christmas has come and gone too soon… but I’ve started some fabulous red mittens!


Jean said...

Happy New Year Agnes to you and all of your family. Let us all have a happy and prosperous 2010

Mrs G said...

Thanks Jean and all the best to you and family. Hope 2010 is going to make us happy and just a little bit rich and famous for our craftsy pursuits! x