Monday, 7 December 2009

Bentley Priory part 2

My first craft fair was an interesting experience. First thing to say is that the setting was even more gorgeous than in previous pictures. And this is my little corner… and yes there is method in this madness!


The fair was busy, sadly the crowd were the golden oldies – all with free bus pass, some with a zimmer frame. I suspect they all came to visit the building, which was open to the public for the first time in a century, rather than grab a gorgeous handmade, uniquely designed item. Sales didn’t hit the heights we all hoped for, but the venue gave a lot of exposure, and i already had enquiries about commissions and knitting workshops so onwards and upwards.

I managed to meet up with a couple of lovely ladies from Folksy.

This is Tracy from DKCrystalDesigns

and this is Hilary (on the left) from Haptree


And these are Sorcery&Sparkle (well their knickers to be precise)

Also a couple of lovely friends popped by to say hello, which was great and…wait for it… old MrG came for “support” – got me a cup of tea, stayed an hour then got bored and went home. Shame on everyone who missed it!

There’s a new venture next week but about that tomorrow.

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