Saturday, 19 December 2009

Feels like home…

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t guessed i come from Poland and the recent weather, all that gorgeous fluffy snow, the flakes the size of your fist coming down from the sky feel like home. In Warsaw, my home town, the weather is like this right now. Temperature is staying at –13C (yes that’s minus 13 Celsius) and the whole city is covered in snow.


Things look so much happier and brighter with a good layer of snow, that covers the dark, dirty ground and reflects the light. And here in Hertfordshire (my second chosen home) everything looks stunning right now. Yes it is a bit nippy, but it is winter after all. And with me a knitting and crochet queen the whole family are in good supply of warm woolies, so we’re braving the cold in style.

Busy day tomorrow – each year i am on the tree duty. I go and choose one lovely tree, drag it home, set it up, decorate it, wrap all the gifts up and put them under the tree and then sit and admire the fruits of my labour. If i succeed tomorrow I might share with you the pictures of the tree at MrsG’s.

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Jean said...

We feeble brits are not too good at living with snow, we like the look of it, on fields and trees and in gardens, but not on roads and pavements. Then we want to it all to melt away safely and leave us with happy memories!!
Glad you feel at home tho Agnes. x