Monday, 10 August 2009

Say YES to a cup cake!

It's official. Cupcakes are all the rage! They are fashionable, they're in, they're it! Why are they the sweet of the moment? Maybe because they're easy, maybe because they're bitesize or maybe because they're delicious and oh so pretty!

The art of the cupcake is getting popular and fast. It's such a simple piece of sponge that's pretty fool-proof and yet offers the huge potential to make it look like a cute little work of art. Is it any wonder we're all doing it?

Not one to let any trend pass her by, yours trully has rolled up her sleeves and got stuck right in. I bought the most delicious cupcake receipe book with the pictures just asking to be licked. They are from the hummingbird bakery. If you have never heard of it follow the link and let temptation guide you.

So there you have it - my humble attempt at the cult red velvet cupcake. You have to trust me that underneath all that buttercream icing the cake is surprisingly bright red! I think I might have to work on spreading not slapping the icing at random, keep the sugared rose petals and skip the chocolate shavings, make it neat next time.

I'm happy to confirm that in spite of slapdash decorating my red velvet cupcakes have passed the friends and family taste test!

To finish off I'd like to show you something absolutely stunning. It must take indescribable patience and precision to come up with these. Betz White I salute you! Before you ask yes they are knitted cupcakes. And, although you can't sink your sweet tooth in their luscious gorgeousness, these you can keep and admire for ever... so go on say YES to a cupcake...

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