Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bracelet Extraordinaire!

Another Sunday, another fabulous day and another creation I am ever so proud of!

Last Sunday four of us have gathered for a creative workshop taught by lovely Bee of chaincreative. Sarah, Stacey, Aveen and yours trully decided we can master the art of tubular crochet with beads. Ha ha!

Not one to be beatten easily I must confess this tested my patience a little bit, but with Bee's mantra in my head -"it's easy once you get going" - I have set out to succeed. And succeed I did, although i will let you all be the judges of that. All I say is my work colleagues were impressed.

Workshops with Bee are always an event I look forward to and then regret they end so quickly. But after every single one of those I left with a new skill which has completely hooked me.

The Bead Crochet Workshop was no different. The day was beautiful, hot, glorious sunshine, the surroundings were cosy and peaceful and Bee was her usual enthusiastic self , spurring us on and not letting anyone give up. What better way to spend a day than rummaging through colourful beads, picking colours for a project and then turning them into a wonderful piece of jewellery.

Girls, this really is my idea of a perfect Sunday!

This is my first attempt. I'm planning a few more for sure. I already threaded beads for one more and I don't think I will be stopping there.

I finished my bracelet at home on Sunday evening after the workshop and I have been wearing it every day since...


angeltreats said...

It looks great! I'm so impressed you finished it. Mine has been untouched till tonight as I left my only 1.5mm hook at Bee's, but the postman delivered some lovely new hooks today so I've got stuck in, hopefully it'll be finished soon :)

Mrs G said...

Thank you Aveen! Get stuck in girl, I want to see the fruits of your labour very soon.

Agnes xx

Bee Creative said...

Well, I know that you did go on to make more and more bracelets. If there is a goddess of beads then you're it!!
Bee xx

Mrs G said...

Ha ha! Thanx Bee. You've made my day! I'm trying to invent matching ear-rings. More pics coming soon..

Agnes xx