Monday, 3 August 2009

Hearts in Herts.

These are my lovely new crochet coasters. I got sooooo hooked on crochet I keep finding little projects to practice on and these were just perfect. Such pretty little things, quick to do and you can make as many or as few as your heart desires. If you fancy having a go here is the link to Bella Dia and the pattern.

I have also started experimenting with wire and combining it with beads, as that went pretty well, I have taken on wire and pearls and the results are good - girls at work loved them, but they need to be perfected. When they are I will post some photos. For now I'm so proud of my coasters I might even make some placemats to match.

And here's one I made earlier... started it during my crochet class with Bee, but only managed to finish it off this weekend. It's a crochet bracelet, felted in the machine with pink and purple beads stitched on after. Another little project that delivered lots of fun and satisfaction.

...of course while I'm having a hot affair with crochet I can't be neglecting my knitting. I managed to fit in a couple of knitting projects into my days, mainly due to a long daily commute from the rural Hertfordshire to the heart of London (it's all hearts in this post?). My handbag is of the "big enough to fit the kitchen sink" variety and always contains a book, an i-pod and a knitting project or two. Yes, dear reader, I KNIT EVERY DAY! ... and lately I crochet nearly every day too. So many ideas - so little time...


Anonymous said...

Hi Agnes! What a great blog - you are very talented! Keep up the knitting updates - its great to read about what you're up to. Hope to see you soon,

Mrs G said...

Thanks Caity. Hope you're spreading the word that crafts are back! One day I might corner you and teach you something crafty.


claire montgomerie said...

thanks so much for coming last night, and for the flowers, was so lovely to see you! What are you going to do with the yarn you won?!

Mrs G said...

It was a real pleasure. You're such a success and so sweet with it. I'm sooooo thrilled with the yarn I can't tell you! And I won't be rushing into this one. I shall save it for something special in crochet... I have a few ideas floating around.
Agnes xxx

Bee Creative said...

Lovely to see you yesterday. Here's the link to the info so do pass on to elizabet -