Saturday, 1 August 2009

Kiosk Kiosk

Last week on Sunday something very nice happened. Claire Montgomerie aka Monty with the help of Bee Clinch have been spreading their enthusiasm and knowledge of knitting, crochet and sewing on the South Bank at Kiosk.

Being an avid enthusiast of knitting and now also wonderful crochet, thanks to Bee, I ventured out from my little cosy pad up north (Hertfordshire) to cheer on my favourite crafters and their new venture. It was to promote the crafts by giving free advice and on the spot tuition and troubleshooting.

There were some lovely creations on display and available to buy from Claire and Bee.

This little girl astonished us all with her amazing dedication and talent. Very inspirational and reassuring that the all things crafty will live on. Olivia came not knowing what knitting was, and within minutes she was knitting away quietly, tongue out, concentration on her face.

Of course there were rewards in the form of these yummy cupcakes from Sugar Rose, absolute works of art in their own right. You can find out more about them from Make&Bake.

The weather was shaky, but mainly held up and I managed to escape before the rain came down. Views were quite magnificent all round and tourists were aplenty.

I was so glad I could make it as nothing makes me more happy than the company of happy people, who share the same passions...

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