Wednesday, 6 June 2012


St. Albans - Verulamium
 Jubilee is not for me. I cannot get excited about it. Perhaps, if I was British, if something was happening where I live, if people I know got excited about it... perhaps... As it is, being Polish and surrounded but cynical anti-royalists I am getting mildly excited about the European Football Cup. An extra long weekend is not to be taken for granted, so thanks to HRH QE II, I have enjoyed cramming some lovely pursuits into what turned out to be a complete wash-out weather-wise. Queen or no queen, you can't fix the weather, can you?

A lovely card from mum&dad arrived on Friday and it's so lovely to know, that at the ripe old age of 39 I am still their little girl and I shall always stay one. Mum has also sent some legal English tender, which was exchanged for a rather large bottle of gorgeous perfume.

Saturday, me and a lovely friend, took a trip to my beloved St. Albans - I just can't stay away from that place in summer and I always find something new there every time I go. Apart from inspecting the market, a few shops, yummy lunch and a wonder to the Roman ruins, which my friend very keenly photographed, I made a wonderful discovery - a lovely coffee shop (the best kept secret in St. Albans the sign claimed) off one of the main roads, in a courtyard, with lots of tables outside, a marquee, a back patio with more tables, good coffee, nice owners - pure perfection. As if that wasn't enough within the courtyard, there was this quirky little yarn shop called Studio-Delirium. I do not ever just walk past a yarn shop and this was such a joy to visit. The owner, a knitter/crocheter Charlotte was fantastic to chat to. Apart from stocking some popular yarns she also spins her own. I could not resist that, and here is my purchase!

It will be turned into something fabulous and as soon as it is I will go back and proudly show the spinner the fruits of both our labours. The day ended, back home,with an exciting late evening walk in a huge park with another friend.

Sunday was spent sluttily procrastinating, putting off cleaning yet again for the sake of a new crochet project. I bought a lenght of rose print oil-cloth in St. Albans market with rather ambitious plans to trim it with a crochet-on shell edging to turn it into a pretty and practical kitchen table cloth. I must admit it is hard work, the oilcloth is tough and crochet hook just doesn't want to go through it, so I'm having to premake little holes first, then crochet into the holes. Undeterred I'm ploughing on - beats cleaning, right?

Monday was dedicated to some shopping in Muswell Hill - 2 necklaces and a pair of wedge sandals later me and a friend tucked into some yummy burgers at Giraffe.

The reward for the dreaded cleaning, which happened today eventually, were these chocolate eclairs - all in all a busy, satisfying, long weekend!

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