Sunday, 30 May 2010

Shaking off winter

I haven’t blogged since February. Partly because I hibernate through winter and partly because sometimes if you have nothing interesting to say it’s better to stay silent (something a lot of people I know should not only take as a very valuable piece of advice but also immediately put in practice).

When i planned this post the summer has arrived, the sky was blue and England were going to win the World Cup… two days later I’m not so sure. It’s teeming down, it’s gone cold and Rooney is playing golf!?


Still… the winter wardrobe is packed away out of sight and I’m ready to throw myself into glorious, hot summer… now that I’ve recovered from my first day in the sun – 4 hours, no sunblock, it really didn’t feel thaaaat hot. A week has gone by since and I can touch my burnt back again.

There are a few more things I am looking forward to this summer. I love the World Cup! It never comes soon enough for me. I’m very excited and intend to see as many games as I possibly can. My fanaticism about it comes from the early childhood when for the duration of each World Cup football game the world stood still, the streets emptied and you could hear the cheers coming in unison from flats far and wide – the only brief signs of hidden life in a big city. As always I will be on the floor with my face in the tv shouting and screaming (sorry neighbours).

SATC 2 is out and I’m going to see it tomorrow, so a short review on here might follow in a few days.

Design and craftwise I have a thrilling collaboration in the pipeline. It’s early days yet, but exciting times are coming, so watch this space for more on that soon. In the meantime enjoy the summer!

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