Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sunshine Blog Awards!!! part1

This is a nice surprise. From the dark depths of drab winter weather this little flower popped up to make my weekend just a little more bearable. I’ve been awarded a Sunshine Blog Award – twice!


I have been nominated by two lovely ladies, who each write a very different blog and who both make beautiful jewellery with a difference.

My first award came a while back, but i had no time to shout about it until now. It’s from lovely nelliD, whose beautiful design i featured before in my Beat The Blues handmade items selection. Check her blog out to see what she’s working on at the moment – it’s all candy & jewells over there – fabulous!

val nelli bag

This is one of her bags – the Union Jack features a lot in her designs, but in a very inspired, quirky way. If you want to know more go to her blog and enjoy! If you want to see what she’s selling, click the picture – it will take you to her shop.

Part 2 and my Sunshine Blog Award nominees a bit later. In the meantime enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!

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