Monday, 2 November 2009

Bentley Priory Winter Fair

Yes, it's that time of year again, when most of us crafters not only start thinking about Christmas, but all the more serious of us actually start doing somethig about it. This year I'm happy to say I have been busier than ever. Private commissions are coming in with a steady flow thank you very much, but there's another event that will keep me knitting and crocheting on turbo speed.

I was invited by the organisers to set up a stall at Bentley Priory Winter Fair. It will take place on Saturday 5th December at Bentley Priory in Stanmore. The setting for the fair is so pallatial and grand it is a rare opportunity for the public to actually just visit and see Bentley Priory in its full glory. And if that wasn't enough to tempt you, the Winter Fair will be full of Crafts, Antiques and hand-made gifts, sold exclusively by artists invited to the Fair by the organisers. You can check all the exibitors and sellers when you follow the link above - if you persevere you will see MrsGKnits there too.

The proceeds from the entry fees, which are £1 per adult and 50p concessions, will be donated to charity by the organisers. There is free ample parking and the nearest tube station is Stanmore (there are detailed instructions how to get there on the organisers website).

I have a limitted amount of complimentary entry tickets, so if you would like to visit the Winter Fair please let me know. It would be great to see a friendly face on the day. And think of all that Christmas gift shopping - you can get gorgeous, unique, hand-made gifts for everyone in the family.

Hope to see you there...


angeltreats said...

Looks like a gorgeous place! I think I might very well drive down (with hubby in tow) and come along and see you, and visit some North London-dwelling friends at the same time.

Love the little bag in the photo btw, very cute!

Mrs G said...

hi Aveen! I'd be so chuffed if you came. the building is a listed building and was only twice open to the public, so it's a rare chance to see. Oh i'd love to see you and find out all about the move. Hope you're settling in ok. Chased any chickens round the farm yard yet? Well i'm glad you like the "little bag" - it's a hot water bottle cover... i thought it looked like one :(

angeltreats said...

Hehe it does now that I'm looking at it on a proper screen, I was using my tiny netbook and it makes everything look tiny and squished up! No chickens yet but the cats are having fun chasing all the spiders! Will let you know nearer the time if we're able to make it, I will definitely try my best though :)

elisabet said...

I wish I could go, sounds so lovely :o)
Wish u all the best

angeltreats said...

Agnes, we are coming down tomorrow, see you there! x

Mrs G said...

oh great!! can't wait to see you and get the updates on country life. love,
Agnes x