Monday, 30 August 2010

Fabulous Giveaway Winners

It's my great pleasure to announce the lucky winners of the Fabulous Giveaway. All names went into the hat today and as promised MrG, blindfolded, selected the two names.

The first prize, the blue ponchette and earwarmer set goes to Little Daydreamers.

The second prize, the coppery earwarmer goes to Monkeyloulou.

I hope both of you will be pleased with what you've won and maybe send me a picture of you wearing it when the chill takes over...

Could the winners please contact me through Twitter, Facebook, Folksy or my website so I can get your addresses and arrange posting of your prizes.

Thank you very much to everybody who entered the giveaway and followed me here, there and everywhere.

I wish I could give something to each one of you. I'm sure there will be more great giveaways to mark little successes in the life of MrsGKnits.  In the meantime I invite you to keep popping in to my Folksy shop . Lovely new goodies from Autumn/Winter collection coming soon.


Little Daydreamers said...

Hoorah hoorah! I'm a winner! I need it too, it's brrrr chilly down here x x

Monkeyloulou said...

Yahooo! I'm a winner too! If you could see me smiling you would think I'm mad! :D x